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 Everything You Need To Start Your Own Mini-Mailbox Store 

We compiled the exact SOPs I used to start, operate, scale, and expand to multiple locations. Updated continuously, join 100+ students who've already taken the course and started their journey to mini-mailbox money.


The most important component of your endeavor, is the location. We give you criteria of what to look for, as well as questions to ask a commercial real estate broker to help you find the perfect site.



Exact lists of how to open your store to the public including what to do on launch day for maximum exposure! We'll also provide SOPs on how to run the daily operations including opening and closing store procedures to hand to your staff.


Speaking of staff, the course comes equipped with hiring guides and scripts for you and/or your new operator. Your customers are the most important factor to your business. Learn how to service them for maximum satisfaction and great reviews, making them loyal patrons.

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Ron Kots

"Lisa was transparent with her information and showed us exactly how her stores operate, services provide and examples of how to set prices. She provided insight on why it might be better to build a new store vs. buying an existing one. 

She reviewed the equipment she uses and where to buy the supplies the actual startup costs, how to market your store, how to grow and expand, including all the templates and SOPs that she uses in her stores."

Kyrylo Malov

"I want to express my appreciation for the valuable content and insights provided in your course. The video quality was excellent, and the materials were very well-structured. 👍 Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive resource."

Cheng Peria

"My husband and I are done with the course. You have shared so much great information and tips on a personal (being the owner) as well as professional side of the business!"

Asma Nissa
"I went through the course. It is by far the best online course that I have come across. I am working to get started on it soon. This is going to be my first venture so I am really excited."
Ashton Tracey
"I just finished your course, and I love what you’re doing! This has been very inspiring; I’m already trying to figure out areas I could do this at!"
Tami Rhoades

"This course took the fear and anxiety out of starting my business.  I feel like I have exactly what I need to be confident and successful with opening a store and I'm ready to sign a lease as soon as I find a location!"


I spent $10,000 just to learn the business from a friend turned store mentor. I shadowed and developed exact SOPs, opened my own stores, and modified those same SOPs through trial and error. This course shares everything I've learned so you can shave months or even years off the learning curve. Join 100s of other students in this journey!

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Store Layout

We give you the exact drawings and specs to hand directly to your contractor to develop the layout of your store for maximum efficiency. 

Mailbox Dimensions

You'll receive a list of the initial mailbox dimensions to start your store, and a list of supplementary box sizes when you're ready to scale, along with the recommended rental costs.

Start-up Equipment

You'll also receive a list of other equipment needed to effectively start your store, including print/fax/scan models and even the exact tech stack to manage your mailboxes and shipping.

Reminder, this course does NEVER issue a guarantee of success, it's simply a reflection of my personal experience. Any and all results/testimonials delivered by students are not guaranteed and vary highly depending upon adherence and level of work from students, understanding, and other factors. 


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